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Personal Development Planning and CPD recording: Making them work for you

Why maintaining a PDP offers much more than simply complying with the legal requirements of the enha...
 £ 30

Power up your complaints skills

The essentials of practical, effective and professional complaints handling.
 £ 30

Prickly practice! New sharps regulations, sharps management and disposal

Sharps safety, management and disposal, and how to treat inoculation injuries.
 £ 30

Radiography and so much more in 60 minutes! (IRMER)

A comprehensive insight into the application of ionising radiation, the statutory requirements and s...
 £ 30

Risk and failure in general dental practice: current and future challenges

Review aspects of clinical, systemic and business risk and the challenges that lie ahead in the cont...
 £ 30

Risk management; complaint recognition and prevention

Enhance and improve your strategies for preventing complaints occurring
 £ 30

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

How to comply with CQC requirements for safeguarding vulnerable adults in preparation for a CQC prac...
 £ 25

Safeguarding Adults: Essentials of the Mental Capacity Act 2005

An update and addressing in more detail the importance of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 for dental te...
 £ 30

Safeguarding children and young adults (2019)

An update to previous training and further interactive case examples of safeguarding children and yo...
 £ 30

Safeguarding children: Child protection

This course outlines the role of dental professionals with regard to child protection (safeguarding)...
 £ 30

Safeguarding children: Update and case examples

Summarises important developments and employs case studies to illustrate how concerns regarding chil...
 £ 30

Safety is not an Accident

What dental practices can learn about health and safety from the aviation industry
 £ 20

The A-Z of emerging pathogens and their impact on dental infection control

Challenges from emerging pathogens for infection control in dentistry
 £ 30

The Mental Capacity Act 2005

An overview with relevance to medical and dental practice.
 £ 30

Understanding GDPR for the Dental Professions: A Practical and Regulatory Analysis

How to comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
 £ 30

What is valid consent and who obtains it?

How good communication by all members of the dental team helps to obtain valid consent and prevent c...
 £ 20

What’s new in infection control

Recent changes and challenges in infection control, with practical solutions for dental practice
 £ 30

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